Welcome To Chaya Bithi

 Chayabithi Broadband Internet is a Data communalization service of Royal Infotech. Since early 2007, ROYAL INFOTECH has provided customers in the domestic market with product and services offering tailored to their requirements and the best service quality from a single source.

In addition to its core business (Information Technology Service Provider), the company is specifically tapping new growth areas through Internet and network services.

 Chayabithi Broadband Internet is a rapidly growing Internet Service Provider that targets services to Home Users, middle-market businesses, educational institutions, the hospitality industry, Individuals, Business Organizations, NGOs and government organizations.

Chayabithi Broadband Internet focuses on major technical and social trends of Data communication, Internet & Intranet and plays a key role in shaping them. The increasing digitization of many spheres of life, Chayabithi Broadband Internet the personalization of services, growing mobilization and internationalization, Chayabithi Broadband Internet has established a standardized structure of Broadband Internet Service and adopted a management system of centralized delegated authorities at different levels and business operations handled by specialized & experienced Technical units with more focus on innovation of science, technology and management expertise, as well as improvement of service quality.

Through innovative, reliable products and services, talented people, a responsible approach to business and global arrangements and collaboration with our partners and customers, Chayabithi Broadband Internet has been formed with a view to take the country’s South-West Zone in imaginative new directions. The Company is expressly committed to sustainability and bases its actions on Data Connectivity, Network Establishment, Enhanced Internet service to the customers, Digitalization as well as social and ecological criteria.

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